TIE Lab TUC has been experimenting using projection mapping techniques and technologies in urban environments, since 2015. On the west facade of the “Mikis Theodorakis” theater (previously Old Custom House) located opposite the center of Mediterranean Architecture, at the old Venetian port of Chania. The same building was used as a canvas for four times with different content approaches. This promoted the comparison and evaluation of different techniques on the same reference surface. The projection occupied the whole surface (45.2x10.6 meters). The enhanced projector arrangement also allowed for keeping approximately the same pixel density, since each projector was occupying almost one half of the canvas.
Concept Design (Handrawings), 2D content creation (Adobe Photoshop), 3D content creation (Adobe After Effects), Animation (Adobe After Effects), Projection Setup Design-Planning-Implementation, Projection Mapping (MadMapper)
Supervisors: Konstantinos-Alketas Oungrinis, Marianthi Liapi
Project Team: Iason Paterakis, Nefeli Manoudaki, Marios Christoulakis
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