Nefeli is an Architect – Engineer, currently an MS student at the University of California, Santa Barbara in the Media Arts and Technology (MAT) program, and, until recently, a researcher at the TUC TIE Lab in Greece. Her work lies in the intersection of Nature, human senses, and design through the implementation of emerging technologies. Her research includes immersive environment design, artificial intelligence, and exploring allotropic architectural forms in tangible and digital (VR-AR-XR- AI/ML) mediums. Her goal is to develop innovative experiences that immerse the user into the natural world and its traces by following morphological and cognitive principles. Her recent work embodies digital morphogenesis through emotions in XR and olfactory stimuli. Her works are featured in international symposiums and conferences, such as the ACM SIGGRAPH Sparks, Erasmus XR Symposium, MIT Reality Hack 2022, S. ARCH 2020, HCII 2020, and others.