//Space. The final frontier. 
Above us. Around us. Within us. 
We have always looked at the stars to discover who  we are.//
(STAR TREK: Discovery) 
​​​​​​​Considering the World Wide Web as an infinite  place composed of an infinite number of  microscopic fragments- just like space. The  WWW represents an expanding -not to  recognized scale- cosmos of digital thoughts,  transmedia narratives.  We are constantly seeking ways to express  ourselves in this parallel virtual space.  Meanwhile, humans are looking for ways to  explore the universe. To expand. To justify their  existence. For, Space is vast and its darkness is  deep. Humans neglect this fact by getting lost in their  manufactured parallel space; the internet.
Countless messages are flowing in the stream  of the “internet”. A “milky way” of information,  and somewhere in there lies your thought, your  message, your digital identity. A spherical artifact in the form of a dark  celestial object gathers a cloud of thoughts  visualized as grey matter particles. For, while  the natural world remains unpredictable in a  profound way, it is composed of patterns and  structure. Tweet a specific thought with the #space  hashtag and a “star” will light up pointing to the  position of your thought inside a reactive sphere of information. 
Team Members: Iason Paterakis, Nefeli Manoudaki
Concept Project created in OPEN ART_Artistic Practice Program
Proposal for Interactive Projection Mapping @ ADAF_Extending Reality | CoExistence: Art, Science & Technology