“AI Worlds XR ” | Exploring AI - generated bioinspired forms in XR.
© transLAB, MAT, University of California, Santa Barbara
“AI Worlds XR” is an extended reality (XR) installation that immerses the visitor in a transmodal continuum of AI, music, form, and space. The AI-generated forms express a continuous dialogue between the microcosms and the macrocosms. The piece is based on research connecting 2D AI images, biological forms (cells, and cosmic objects (Nebulae, star clusters, etc.). The biological forms are inspired by the German biologist Ernst Haeckel and his graphic work on biological forms.

VR, XR, and “Allotopes” with music and particle systems are formed inside a VR cosmos following a symbiotic principle. Rigid and familiar forms collide with natural and bioinspired structures to form an Allotope in Virtual Reality. The visualizations also extend into the surrounding area by using projection mapping. This research was expressed through VR and projection mapping in the transLAB during the end-of-the-quarter celebration of Tranvergence.
research team: Iason Paterakis, Nefeli Manoudaki
Supervisor: Marcos Novak

Contribution: Concept Design, VR Content Creation (Unreal Engine 5.1), Installation Design, Projection Mapping, Sound Design
Software: Unreal Engine 5.1, Max MSP, Blender 3.3, Touchdesigner, Midjourney, Dall-E, NVIDIA NeRFs, MadMapper, Procreate
Hand drawings —generated with Procreate— were used along with text prompts to initiate the dialogues between AI Diffusion systems such as MidJourney and DALL-E. The 2D AI-generated images were then transformed into 3D forms using Blender’s shader nodes, and NVIDIA’s NERFs. A MAX MSP patch translated the images into spatial sound which was played back through the transLAB’s 16.2 sound system.
“AI Worlds” is based on the ongoing research initiative of <Alloplex: BioAffective Worlds XR Extending Transmodal Worldmaking beyond Russel's Circumplex Model of Affect>.

URBAN- AI-generated content through projection technologies, 2D to 3D translation
CULTURE- methodologies and paradigms for AI - ML digital archiving and 2D to 3D artifact generation, VR - XR immersive installations with AI-enhanced and generated digital archival materials,

UCSB, Media Arts and Technology program, transvergence - end of the quarter celebration, California NanoSystems Institute (CNSI) Elings Hall, Media Arts, and Technology Program, University of California Santa Barbara / December 2022

Keywords: #Extended Reality, #Transmedia, #Artificial Intelligence, #XR, #VR, #Allotopes, #Biological, #Digital #Futures, #Sonification